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Deep Cleaning Service

Deep House cleaning service Cliffside Park NJ also serving Hoboken, North Bergen, Edgewater, Jersey City, Fort Lee

Deep cleaning is usually recommended for homes and apartments that have not been cleaned for a while. Our team will clean your house from top to bottom. The deep clean includes, cleaning your oven, your refrigerator inside and out, hand dust all your horizontal surfaces, clean inside and out all your cabinets and pantry, and etc.

A team of two or more professionals is usually appointed to your home. It is important to have a deep clean in our home on an occasional basis. There are spots in your home that you may have not touched in a while like: underneath your bed, behind the sofa, inside the oven, freezer and refrigerator, the ceilings, etc. Because deep cleaning usually takes more time than a standard or maintenance cleaning, we suggest preparing to have the professionals in your home between 4 – 6 hrs or sometimes more, depending on the size of the location and the amount of work involved for the deep cleaning.

In addition having the blinds and windows cleaned are all part of the deep cleaning package we recommend as well. We recommend a deep clean done every 3-6 months, again this depends on the size home. The deep cleaning is very meticulous and will leave your home spotless and streak free. A deep cleaning is very important for every house.

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